Patented easy to calibrate high-precision measuring gauge featuring a reliable electronic control system.

Repeatable measurements possible on the same spot even after grinding the rail track, thanks to a reference bracket that hooks on to the rail track via a handy setscrew. The small and lightweight bracket can be removed and replaced quickly and effortlessly, so multiple measurements can be made along the track.

Self-locking tightening system with a lever for positioning the instrument quickly and safely on the exact spot to be measured.

Digital display for rapid and reliable readings of the amount of metal removed from the track. Results can be printed out to prevent misreadings, with dates and times also indicated.

Several mechanical parts can be replaced to suit different track types, in all cases with the same tight locking system, high standards of precision and repeatability, and the possibility of printing out the readings.



WHITE S 54 – UIC 54
BLUE S49 – UNI 50


Easy to handle, compact design, the device is supplied with a battery charger, set of service spanners (UK)/wrenches (US), and stove-enameled carry-case for easy transportation.



Rail track types UIC 60  - S54  - UIC54 – U50 – S49 – UNI 50
Measurement spot Rail center line
Precision + / - 0,015 mm
Measuring field 3 mm
Measuring speed 5  -  10 “
Dimensions cm 27 x 28 x 38 H
Weight Kg.  8,5


Brochure and certificate

Scarica Locandina Wilmec HT1     Certificato Ferrovia